"Loving Eggleston—as easy for some of us as falling off a bar stool—seems to be about embracing his affections, which are shamelessly many and remarkably appreciative of how things are rather than how they could or should be. A man who has photographed most anything anywhere, he offers a stunning clarity that, though redolent of the romantic, is incapable of sentimentality. His work speaks to a humanist faith (though with the heart of a true atheist), and levels an abiding sense of understanding toward his subjects—and a refusal ever to know better than they do. Steeped in bourbon and nicotine, his photographs careen through the commonplace with the heat of a no-holds-barred bender and the cold sweat of an unholy hangover. You don’t just end up enthralled by what this man has seen, but are mesmerized by the way he sees things, how unspoken quotients of insanity, desperation, mortality, and abandonment suffuse the mundane and are then in turn diffused by a glorious sense of wonder.

— Carlo McCormick on “William Eggleston: Democractic Camera” in Aperture, Summer 2009.

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