"It can happen that the personal drama of an artist reflects within half a century the crisis of an entire civilization. (…) Today’s pitilessness is perhaps more unremitting, pervasive and continuous. It spares neither the planet itself, nor anyone living on it anywhere. Abstract because deriving from the sole logic of the pursuit of profit (as cold as the freezer), it threatens to make obsolete all other sets of belief, along with their traditions of facing the cruelty of life with dignity and some flashes of hope."

— John Berger “A Master of Pitlessness?” in Hold Everything Dear: Dispatches on Survival and Resistance (2007)

Photographs by Michael SchmellingJay Turner Frey SeawellLise SarfatiTim DavisKaty GrannanEva VermandelMartina Hoogland IvanowDoug DuboisVanessa WinshipGregory Halpern.

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