I’m most interested in a straight photograph (i.e., it looks like the world) that “works” but just how it works is elusive. I heard Winogrand praising Kertész for making photographs from nothing, which I took to mean he made his images using very meager content – never anything sensational. Winogrand also said something about interesting photographs being the ones where the form was on the verge of overwhelming the content or where the content was on the verge of overwhelming the form – maybe that’s the same as saying don’t be too obvious. What interests me is the quality of intelligence/feeling that a photographer can get across in his or her work – an intelligence that perhaps springs from a deep and private interior place and then joins in collaboration with the outer world as if by magic.

— from A Kind of Communion: an essay on and interview with Mark Steinmetz, just published at thegreatleapsideways.com

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