“The opacity of the world dissipates in water. Black water cannot dissipate the opacity of the world. Confused? Lost? Large expanses of water are like deserts: no landmarks, no differences. If you don’t know where you are can you know who you are? Just tumult everywhere endlessly, tumult modulating into another tumult all over and without end. The change is so constant so pervasive so relentless, that identity, place, scale - all measure lessen, weaken, eventually disappear.

The more time you spend around this water, the more faint your memories of measure become. Water is a mysterious combination of the mysterious and the material. Imagine something that impinged on by everything, in contact with everything remains to this day mostly transparent - even crystal clear when taken in small enough quantities.

Water is transparence derived from the presence of everything. Water is transparence derived from the presence of everything - that is water sifted down, filtered out through the planet Earth - Earth, aquifer that clarifies and realises purity.  (…)

All things converge in a single identity: water. Water is utopic substance. Among water. Isn’t water a plural from? How could it ever be singular, even in one river?”

— From the wonderful reading Saying Water, by Roni Horn.

Photographs in order:

1. Zhang KechunUntitled, from “The Yellow River”

2. Matt WarderUntitled, from “Be Good or Be Gone”

3. Yannik WillingWorld Map, Kingfisher Guest House, Tangalle, from “Before Tomorrow”

4. Vanessa WinshipUntitled, from “She Dances on Jackson”

5. Bryan SchutmaatUntitled, from “Grays The Mountain Sends”

6. Mike Brodie, #5060, 2006 - 2009, from “A Period of Juvenile Prosperity” © Mike Brodie, courtesy of Yossi Milo Gallery, NY

7. Mark Ruwedel#6, 2005, from the “Crossing” series © Mark Ruwedel, courtesy of Yossi Milo Gallery, NY

8. Richard RothmanUntitled, from “Redwood Saw”

9. Bryan SchutmaatUntitled, from “Grays The Mountain Sends”

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