"The charisma of the art star is subject to an overdeveloped bureaucratism. Careers are “managed.” Innovation is regularised, adjusted to the demands of the market. Modernism, per se (as well as the lingering ghost of bohemianism), is transformed into farce, into a professionalism based on academic appointments, periodic exposure, lofty real estate speculation in the former factory districts of decaying cities, massive state funding, jet travel, and increasingly ostentatious corporate patronage of the arts. This last development represents an attempt by monopoly capital to “humanize” its image for the middle-managerial and professional subclasses (the vicarious consumers of high culture, the museum audience) in the face of an escalating legitimation crisis. High art is rapidly becoming a specialized colony of the monopoly capitalist media."

Theorist, photographer and critic Allan Sekula, writing in 1978, in his essay “Dismantling Modernism, Reinventing Documentary (Notes on the Politics of Representation)”, published in his book Photography Against the Grain: Essays and Photo Works 1973 - 1983.
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