"The photograph brings the there here, now, and in Susan’s photographs that there takes the form not of event but wordless rumination – a sounding out of the interplay between memory and experience, symbolism and sensation. Her images are shot through with a contest of opposites, a battle between fecundity and dilapidation, sadness and wonder, intimacy and individuality. Susan’s photographs acknowledge no separation between consciousness and reverie, vision and wonder. They suggest that colour is not incidental but foundational, not exterior but interior to meaning in the world.

If there is an argument in these pictures, perhaps it is that the photograph is not technical but oracular, and can induce us through its actions to refuse the distance of certainty, and engage the intimate enigma of experience: contingency as comfort, set against the simple mystery of the world.

— from Beauty as Bitter Fruit: an essay on Susan Worsham’s By The Grace of God, just uploaded at thegreatleapsideways.com

Susan’s exhibition Bittersweet on Bostwick Lane, opens this evening in Richmond, VA, at Candela Gallery.

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