“Nephi, Utah, 7-14-14," by Steven Smith - follow his tumblr here. This one gets better and better the closer you look.

Nephi, Utah, 7-14-14," by Steven Smith - follow his tumblr here. This one gets better and better the closer you look.

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A really great inventive and playful lecture by Nicholas Muellner, from the MoCP in Chicago, Sept 2013.

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Some of the beautiful photographs of Geert Goiris, from his book Lying Awake [Roma Publications, 2013]. More to follow…

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"It’s shocking to think of how much in current Western experience is ruled out by Koudelka, and nullified as if it never existed. One could search practically in vain for the historical Europe or the tourist scene, the life of the middle classes, plastics, the consumer market, signs, cars, modern diversions, blue-collar existence, productive systems of any kind, in short the characteristic jamboree of the late twentieth century. It takes a certain exclusionary genius to have rejected such sights while still asserting one’s ties to people. A great deal has been made of the solitary spirit of Koudelka’s work, but that spirit protests too much. Because of his rhetorical estrangement, his world may be as inhospitable as it is unfamiliar, but it remains a world of minority cultures, whose religious and funerary rituals it intimately discloses. (…) What happens in his pictures seems to have taken place a long time ago, under archaic conditions, hard to remember… so that their actual contemporaneity appears misplaced."

— Max Kozloff “Koudelka’s Theater of Exile” (1988) in Lone Visions, Crowded Frames: Essays on Photography 

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We may function with greater ease on the assumption that past, present and future are irreparably distinct, segregated spheres of existence. Photography is an apt means to deal with such a question, as the camera unceasingly divides continuity into individual fragments, which nevertheless draw us back toward the histories they depict. The overlapping geographies of time relayed in Goiris’s photographs evoke a sense of the future that is grounded in light, in the high aspirations of architectural form, and the sparseness of a desert that is alternately remote, roseate, urban and post-industrial. That such a future as his pictures depict so eerily resembles the present, while recalling the earth’s cataclysmic past, is a measure of the unalterable interdependency of those things we typically segregate in the record of our experience. In this sense, the wide span of Goiris’s photographs turns the divisions of time against themselves, through the fractured interstices of single images.

— from “Hubris, Utopia and the Future: Geert Goiris’s Lying Awake”, just published at thegreatleapsideways.com

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Another beautiful photograph from Ed Panar - follow his tumblr here: “Untitled, 2014”

Another beautiful photograph from Ed Panar - follow his tumblr here: “Untitled, 2014”

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Another excellent, topical and thoughtful lecture from the Columbia College lecture series run by Dawoud Beyin conjunction with the MoCP: Quentin BajacA Blizzard of Photographs,” from March of this year.

If you scroll back through the incredible run of lectures posted to the Columbia College/MoCP vimeo page, and also to Columbia College’s old page (here) you can get at least a third of an MFA for free… ;-)

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Some of the recent work of Cynthia Henebry, whose tumblr you can follow here.

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