Asbestos Tile, Parking Lot, West Washington St., 2013 from the ongoing Petersburg Project, and 57th Street from the ongoing project Centurion, both by Brian Ulrich, who has started blogging again here.

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Get you some Missy Prince, forthwith!


I’m selling some signed 16x20 darkroom prints to fund the printing of the massive number of 16x20s I’d like to make while I still have access to a color darkroom. If any of you Portlanders have ever wanted to learn how to use a color darkroom or already know how and would like to get into the habit you should get down to U Develop. If it doesn’t get used it will go away sooner than it should.

I will also print almost any 16x20 on request.

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Land Line, offers up a rumination on the internal displacement produced by the effort of memory, and by the bland neutrality of corporate architectural spaces. In a series of acute and simultaneously neutral portraits, the work addresses the obsessiveness of hobbyists whose passions transform them – if only momentarily – into alternately expressive and vacant versions of their ordinary selves. These images are combined with photographs from conferences and prisoner transports, which connect together to point up the pervasiveness of anonymity in our ordered public spaces. … If architecture can be understood as a mechanism for organizing human behavior, and if the city (after Robert Park) can be understood as man’s “most successful attempt to remake the world he lives in more after his heart’s desire,” then these photographs question the scope of individual and collective experience achievable in the midst of insistent homogeneity.”

Land Line started as a project about Memory Championships and professional mnemonists, but I began adding other stories to the project in part because they felt the same. That feeling being partly derived from a similarity in the environments in which I was shooting – mainly, neutral beige conference hall interiors. It’s hard to say whether or not these environments are transfiguring people – but there’s something about the blatant neutrality of these spaces that both makes sense for the conference hall developer/architect/owner (maybe to maximize the type of event that can be held in these rooms), and then conversely feels like an incredibly rich space for a photographer like me that just wants to photograph people in a simple, minimal environment. Maybe I’m the one that was transfigured by these environments, caught up in all this looking, staring,watching people like we’re all the on the set of a play."

Michael Schmelling, in A Conversation about Land Line, just published at

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From the really enjoyable blog of Matthew Genitempo, whose work you can also find here: Bruce Wrighton, Parking Attendant, 1987

From the really enjoyable blog of Matthew Genitempo, whose work you can also find hereBruce WrightonParking Attendant, 1987

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Soon to join the grad school mafia: Whitten Sabbatini

Kam w/ Skateboard, Memphis, TN, April, 2014

See more of his work here.

Soon to join the grad school mafia: Whitten Sabbatini

Kam w/ Skateboard, Memphis, TN, April, 2014

See more of his work here.

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Diane Di Prima, Revolutionary Letter #19 from Revolutionary Letters

Diane Di PrimaRevolutionary Letter #19 from Revolutionary Letters

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Above there is a selection of work by the inimitable Cynthia Henebry, the intrepid Janelle Proulx and myself. We will soon be showing as part of the Spring 2014 VCUarts MFA Thesis Exhibition, which opens on Friday April 25th at two locations: The Anderson Gallery and The Depot. Details below. Please stop by if you can make it. Thanks!

Spring 2014 VCUarts MFA Thesis Exhibition

Opening Friday April 25th (from 5pm), running till May 18th (Daily from 9am – 5pm) at:

The Depot, 814 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220, Anderson Gallery, 907 W Franklin St, Richmond, VA 23284.


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"The work of Ansel Adams is a romantic fiction, an extreme idealisation, a magnificent lie – so magnificent that many have persuaded that it is indeed the truth. Its ironies, which might be appreciated by the image sophisticate and were certainly not lost on its creator, are not intended for general consumption. The tens of thousands who visit Yosemite each year, lured in part by Adams’ images, can miraculously ignore what lies before their very eyes and see the Valley through the master photographer’s optimistic vision, a spectacle of God given magnificence, untrammelled nature as pure as the water cascading down Bridal Veil Falls. For Richard Misrach, however, God is less of an immediate issue than the purity of the water cascading down Bridal Veil Falls. Just how pure is it? Is it the tainted residue perhaps of acid rainfall? Is it perhaps contaminated by industrial waste which has leached into the aquafis? For Misrach’s recent investigations have taken him far beyond the transcendent legacy of Adams, far beyond the untidy domesticising of the landscape with tract developments and industrial sheds, theme parks and golf courses. The kinds of interventions which caused Ansel Adams to beat his breast in horror, while hardly insignificant and not exactly celebrated by Misrach, may pale in comparison to those legacies of the Fission Age, which may be invisible but might be visited upon future generations like the Mark of Cain."

— “In Photographica Deserta – The Desert Cantos of Richard Misrach" by Gerry Badger, from Creative Camera (1988). Photographs by Ansel Adams and Richard Misrach respectively.

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